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Complete Performance Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Navarrete, PT, DPT to serve the El Paso, TX – Las Cruces, NM area. She focuses on delivering innovative and high-quality therapies individually tailored to help her patients find relief quickly.  She utilizes the latest techniques to promote healing in a caring and gentle environment.

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About Dr. Navarrete

Dr. Mayra C. Navarrete is an El Paso native who graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso with a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy in 2011 along with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Minor in Biology in 2007. Dr. Navarrete is a formally trained dancer and her involvement in various performances exposed her to dance related injuries and physical limitations that were a result of these injuries. This led her to her passion in physical therapy.
She began her professional career working with the pediatric population with neurological and developmental conditions working alongside neonatologists, physiatrist, orthotists, and medical equipment personnel. She then continued to embark within the orthopedic population to help adults and children with orthopedic conditions as well as using her dance background to give dance specific treatment to local dancers. READ MORE
Mayra Navarrete Physical Therapist

Core Values

We hold our patients in the highest regards. Our values of health, care and respect, are reflected throughout our all of our therapies and processes.


Mayra has helped me greatly in my recovery as a performer and athlete. I have not performed at a professional level in 3 years and am finally feeling back to myself in terms of capacity and range of movement. The pain in my back has faded and I couldn’t be more impressed or happy with my progress.

Gilberto Aguilar

Mayra is so good that I am walking after 3 weeks after my extensive knee surgery! Her training/education in physical therapy is quite extensive! Besides being so well trained, she is also kind, patient, encouraging, and gentle. She listens to you! Being a dancer myself, I would encourage all dancers, gymnasts, and athletes to check her out and see for yourself.

Pamela Turley – BA, M. Ed. Instructor, choreographer, consultant, dancer

I had a stroke. I find my sessions with Mayra to be very productive in restoring my balance and immobility. Mayra has really untied the knots!

Lisa Smith-UTEP Theatre and Dance

In June of 2020, I started to get pain in my Achilles tendon during dance practices and while I thought it would go away the pain stuck with me and hurt inconveniently during classes. I would ask people I trusted about how to fix it and always get the same thing, stretch it out. This method did not yield positive results.
Then, my mother found a post about free consultations with Mayra Navarrete and thought, “why not, it wouldn’t hurt just to see.” I got on the phone call and explained my injury, and she figured out what my problem was over the phone! I started treatment and honestly felt the results after my very first meeting. She makes herself available to me and my schedule. Now, I can take hours of dance classes back-to-back without any pain.

Eryn Darey-Bell

I have been working with Mayra for a couple of months now and she has really helped me strengthen my body. I first when in looking for help with my toe rises. She started with an assessment that showed the different areas I needed therapy on. She has worked on strengthening my ankles, legs, hips, and core muscles. Mayra even gives me exercises to do at home to help with my therapy. She is very knowledgeable and understands a dancer’s body movements. I look forward to continuing my therapy sessions with her to reach my full dance potential.

Yesenia Webb-Saltatrix Captain and Protege Dance Company Member

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